Velour + Clarks: Desert Boot


I’ve been seeing some fantastic boots all over SF recently, piquing my interest to find a pair that I would want for myself. Desert boots came to mind immediately because I find them to be quite versatile while keeping their masculine aesthetic; the same pair of boots could be polished or rugged depending on the fit and styling of your daily ensemble. Some things I look for in an ideal desert boot are rich coloring (I prefer a warm brown), clean/minimal silhouette, and comfort. Admittedly, there are many shoes that qualify, but this collaboration between Velour and Clarks caught my eye with its nubuck woven side panels. It provides a point of interest without compromising on the cleanliness of the overall shoe. For those who prefer a darker, more muted colorway, Velour also offers them in a dark green version.

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Baggu: Reusable Bags


Starting October 1st, San Francisco’s checkout bag ordinance will go into effect. Under this law, retailers will be required to switch from plastic to paper bags (compostable is alright too), and customers who do not bring their own bags will be charged $0.10 for each bag provided by the retailer.  Around the country, many other cities are adopting this same movement towards going green. If this is happening in your city (or if you just want to be more green), I recommend Baggu bags for your grocery/Target runs. Those boat-sized bags that they used to sell for $1.99 at Costco were awesome too, but I haven’t seen them at my local Costco for awhile. I like Baggu over other brands that I’ve tried because (1) the shorter handle allows me to carry the groceries with my hands vs my shoulders – and that seems more like a manly way to carry groceries to me, (2) the gussets along the bottom allow easy carry of milk/eggs, (3) they are extremely durable and holds up to 50lbs, and (4) they fold neatly into a flat square – which means they will fit nicely into a back pocket.

You can buy them online at the Baggu site (link below) or you can email them for a list of local vendors in your area. Regular sized Baggus are $9/ea (or 3+ for $8.50/ea; 6+ for $7.50/ea). Big Baggus (and these are HUGE) are $12/ea.

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Private White VC: F/W 2012


Private White VC, originally founded by Victoria Cross recipient Private Jack White, is a British label that makes absolutely beautiful, well-crafted clothes for men. They have put together a handsome lookbook for their Fall/Winter 2012 season. Drawing on inspiration from military influences and traditional menswear, this is a brand that has retained their devotion to their founding father. I love the strength and masculinity of this collection, and I strongly believe that every man should own at least one well-made, classically-styled jacket/coat that can be worn year after year without losing its timeless appeal.

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Mr. Porter: Accessories Wish List


I’m pretty excited about the new accessories that have arrived at Mr. Porter’s this week.  [1] The tortoise shell detail with the universally flattering aviator sunglasses from Gucci are on the top of my wish list.  [2]Batting away a persistent fly at the dinner table is possibly the most annoying thing in the world, but when they are made into cufflinks, as Paul Smith has done, I suddenly find them quite amusing. [3] I love the velvet bow tie from Lavin, which immediately brings to mind the bow tie I loved so much here. I definitely want to stock up on one of these for the winter. [4] I’m not how many heart-shaped things I would wear as a guy (except CdG), but I do quite like these socks from Acne. The pattern is small enough to not make a scene at work, but if I wanted to do a little showing off, I could easily lift up a pant leg too.

Hmm..and I’m thinking that all 4 of these accessories could look rather nicely together too.

From top left, the items can be found hereherehere, and here.

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J.Crew: Cashmere Styling Tips


The looks pictured above are part of J.Crew Men’s Cashmere, 7 Ways feature. I chose these particular looks because I’ve always been a huge fan of cardigans on guys, and while the styling doesn’t exactly reinvent the wheel, it’s quite sharp and easy to draw on as inspiration. The first look works well for the office, date night, and basically any occasion where you want to look sharp but casual. The pop of color is very in, and the non-matchy tie is great too. The second look is something I would wear to weddings and does well as a modernized three-piece suit.  The key for both looks is fit – not just for the cardigan but for every single piece of the ensemble. The cashmere is currently sold a J. Crew for just under $250 (here), but if you have a nice cardigan already, you can easily pull off the same looks.

See all 7 looks here.


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New Era Japan: Snake Visor Snapback Cap


My allegiance lies with the Atlanta Braves, but New Era Japan has me wanting to sport this cap! The series consists of 4 different caps, but the one pictured above is my absolute favorite. The navy cap features a (fake) snake-leather on its visor, button, and back strap – giving Yankee fans the option of being fashionably cool while supporting their favorite team.

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Paul Smith: Cyclist Embroidered Shorts/Pants


Colored bottoms are all the rage this year (see previous post on zara), but why stop there? Make the most of summer by adding as many dashes of fun as you can – and who else says fun better than Paul Smith? Introducing a repeating bicycle-print motif in both a khaki short and a navy pant, the style/color choices are classic enough to wear everywhere. Wear them with your favorite pair of Converses or the ever-reliable boat shoe, and let the pants (or shorts, if you choose) take the center stage with a simple white T.

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Style Inspiration: Summer Wedding


Summer weddings are a great time to showcase your personal style. Don’t be that sweaty guy sitting under the blazing heat in your black/navy suit while your girlfriend is chillin’ in her strapless dress. You have options too! I like this look from Zara’s June lookbook (pictured above). The light fabrics are a must for summer, and pastels are a nice, trendy touch. The pocket square gives the look a more formal feel, and I like that it eliminates the need for a tie. Each of the pieces from this ensemble can be worn separately – providing a plethora of options for non-wedding days too. Don’t be afraid to experiment with other pastels (especially the pants), but if you are not ready to go there yet, I think a nice pair of khakis will work just as well.


Saturdays Surf NYC: S/S 2012


Saturdays Surf, NYC is a brand that I enjoy browsing quite a bit. They focus on surfing + life in NYC, and what results is a wonderful offering of thoughtful, well-made basics. The S/S 2012 lookbook showcases how casual weekend dressing can be so effortless and very well done. Using pieces that should be familiar to most guys (sweats, chino shorts, etc), even if you don’t own these specific items, the looks are easy enough to replicate.  The Jailbreak Board Shorts (pictured left, link) comes in a variety of colors; personally, I would have preferred the gray or the navy version, but the black/white combo provides an eye-catching statement. The Bowery Crewneck Sweatshirt (pictured right, link) is a nice shade of maroon – I’m always an advocate for jewel tones – and brightens the entire ensemble; a small but key detail. Important to note that the success of these looks lie in the fit. Although these might be sweats and such, these are not baggy sweats or saggy chinos. No, the proper fit translates to sharp and put together looks, even on the weekends.

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Monocle + Delavux: Newspaper Bag


I’d like to think of myself as being the type of man who would ride public transportation on my way to and from work, coffee in hand (do they allow drinks on the train?), enjoying the daily edition of the WSJ. Of course the traditional fold & tuck away newsprint have been largely replaced by the ever so convenient iPad and other iProducts, but there is hope that I would be a traditionalist in this sense. The Newspaper Bag collabo between Monocle + Delavux would be a beautiful addition to that morning commute. I love the woven leather material used all over the bag (Toile de Cuir) – gives it that nice vintage appeal. Not cheap at $2800, but definitely fabulous.

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