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J.Crew: Cashmere Styling Tips


The looks pictured above are part of J.Crew Men’s Cashmere, 7 Ways feature. I chose these particular looks because I’ve always been a huge fan of cardigans on guys, and while the styling doesn’t exactly reinvent the wheel, it’s quite sharp and easy to draw on as inspiration. The first look works well for the office, date night, and basically any occasion where you want to look sharp but casual. The pop of color is very in, and the non-matchy tie is great too. The second look is something I would wear to weddings and does well as a modernized three-piece suit.  The key for both looks is fit – not just for the cardigan but for every single piece of the ensemble. The cashmere is currently sold a J. Crew for just under $250 (here), but if you have a nice cardigan already, you can easily pull off the same looks.

See all 7 looks here.


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Style Inspiration: Summer Wedding


Summer weddings are a great time to showcase your personal style. Don’t be that sweaty guy sitting under the blazing heat in your black/navy suit while your girlfriend is chillin’ in her strapless dress. You have options too! I like this look from Zara’s June lookbook (pictured above). The light fabrics are a must for summer, and pastels are a nice, trendy touch. The pocket square gives the look a more formal feel, and I like that it eliminates the need for a tie. Each of the pieces from this ensemble can be worn separately – providing a plethora of options for non-wedding days too. Don’t be afraid to experiment with other pastels (especially the pants), but if you are not ready to go there yet, I think a nice pair of khakis will work just as well.


Saturdays Surf NYC: S/S 2012


Saturdays Surf, NYC is a brand that I enjoy browsing quite a bit. They focus on surfing + life in NYC, and what results is a wonderful offering of thoughtful, well-made basics. The S/S 2012 lookbook showcases how casual weekend dressing can be so effortless and very well done. Using pieces that should be familiar to most guys (sweats, chino shorts, etc), even if you don’t own these specific items, the looks are easy enough to replicate.  The Jailbreak Board Shorts (pictured left, link) comes in a variety of colors; personally, I would have preferred the gray or the navy version, but the black/white combo provides an eye-catching statement. The Bowery Crewneck Sweatshirt (pictured right, link) is a nice shade of maroon – I’m always an advocate for jewel tones – and brightens the entire ensemble; a small but key detail. Important to note that the success of these looks lie in the fit. Although these might be sweats and such, these are not baggy sweats or saggy chinos. No, the proper fit translates to sharp and put together looks, even on the weekends.

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ASOS: New Arrival Highlights


ASOS is one of my favorite places to shop. The site is full of goodies – and their no minimum, 2-way free shipping policy is so sweet (and dangerous on the wallet). I took a quick browse through their latest arrivals and immediately spotted some must-haves. Everyone is playing with pocket details it seems. The Pocket T-shirt by Reclaimed Vintage (top left) is trendy without feeling forced – the Aztec print on the pocket is a winner for me. The People’s Market Slim Chinos (top right) has a nice slim fit silhouette and is available in my new favorite menswear color – purple/plum. Fitting right into my obsession with bracelets, the ASOS Brass Skull and Leather Bracelet (bottom left) is a total steal at less than $15 for the entire pack! Last but not least, I think the Oxford Short Sleeve Shirt by The Quiet Life (bottom right) will be a good and easy alternative to the popular chambray shirts that I love.

From top left, the items can be found here, here, here, and here.

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A Bathing Ape: S/S 2012


Most days, I want to be the preppy dude with a generous dose of style. Today, I want to be a BAPE man. In the past, I didn’t find this brand to be great fit for my personal style, but the editorial of BAPE’s Spring/Summer 2012 looks by SENSE had me doing double takes left and right (and it’s not just because I thought the model was Ryan Gosling for a second). There’s a certain maturity to this collection that I find appealing, and the styling in every frame of the shoot is amazing. Almost too cool to be true!

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Style Inspiration: Dolce & Gabbana S/S ’12


Even if you are not on a D&G budget, you can still find inspiration from the recent D&G look book. I love the idea of pairing colors with different shades of gray. It’s a great way to add color as the gray anchors as a neutral palette and any color you add will be highlighted against this canvas. The page I’ve selected from D&G S/S ’12 look book (pictured above) mostly features plums as their color of choice, but any rich jewel tones that you might happen to have in your closet will work just as nicely at achieving similarly handsome results.

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Style Inspiration: Winter Marine


Of the many reasons to love summer, I simply live for the fact that I can wear nautical every things. It’s a classic way of styling that always feels current and never tires. I came upon this post by Unionmade, a fantastic menswear store in SF, and just had to share. Titled Winter Marine, the folks at Unionmade took some of the current offerings at their store and created ways to wear nauticals in the winter. Love it.

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Styling Inspiration: Zara Man October 2011 Lookbook



I love Zara Man because it’s always stylish and always affordable. However, as I have often mentioned before, Zara sizes run quite small. Great if you are on the thinner side, not so friendly if you are husky. But check out this ensemble from their October 2011 lookbook–something that can work on anyone, regardless of the body type! Denim jacket over a plaid button-up with colored pants/cords. Easy right? Best part is, you probably already have these pieces lying around in your closet, just waiting to be worn together for this effortless every day look.

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Current Obsession: Monograms


I’m a bit obsessed with monogramming at the moment. Tasteful monogramming, that is. Unfortunately, this act of labeling what’s yours is often abused as a pretentious display of wealth, but if kept discreet, it can be quite cool and classy. For button-ups, I prefer the initials to be below the shirt pocket or on the tail of the shirt. For sweaters/cardigans, the spot of choice for  me would be again on the bottom where the waistband is. To prevent gaudiness, the thread should be matched closely to the color of the piece that is being monogrammed. Most retailers of fine menswear offers a monogramming service, but for those of us not buying custom fit shirts, J.Crew also has its own Monogram Shop (pictured above). For $10 extra, they will pretty much monogram anything in their men’s store (jackets, shorts, everything – even boxers). Please ignore the bright orange initials paired with the neutral gray/blue tie. It’s breaking the rule of subtlety, and as I’ve already said previously, I don’t want to be that guy.

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Massimo Dutti: S/S ’11 Lookbook


Massimo Dutti is brand I can always count on for solid pieces that are well-tailored, contemporary, and classy. Their Spring/Summer 2011 lookbook is full of wearable pieces, but I’m particularly fond of the look featured above. It’s sharp yet casual, and I absolutely love the cotton pocket square detail and the classic leather band watch. This can easily be a go-to look for me on days when I want to be well-dressed but have little time to ponder over my ensemble. On days when I want to be more creative, each of the pieces can also be worn separately to convey a variety of moods.

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