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Gift for Her: ASOS Adjustable Rings


I’ll be posting up some selected highlights from the latest men’s arrivals at ASOS soon, but before that, how about a small purchase for your lady friend? I absolutely love these “suit-shaped” rings! I wish they included the diamond as well, but perhaps it’s intentionally left out because most ladies would prefer a different kind of diamond? In any case, this set of 3 rings will be a fashionable way to accessorize her latest looks (and they definitely look more expensive than the $26.86 price tag).

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SwitchEasy: Avant-garde Series iPhone 4/4S Sculptured Cases


I am pretty thrilled with the rabito case that I have now, but man, I would give it up in a second to own one of these amazing sculptured cases from SwitchEasy. There are 4 designs total in this series with 3 colors for each design. My favorites are featured above (Chateau on left, Blossom on right). They have more manly options as well, but by far, the two above are the most intricate and interesting, in my opinion. These would make a great gift for your special someone! For $34.99, they are not the cheapest case, but SwitchEasy is including 2 anti-static screen guards, a microfiber wipe, 2 headphone jack protectors, and loads of other goodies for free. Pretty good deal for a pretty fantastic case.

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Moleskine: Luggage Tags


Teaming up with Industrial Designer, Giulio Iacchetti, Moleskine has created a series of 4 luggage tags feature the signature style of their famed notebooks: elastic band, rounded corners, hard covers, and simplicity in design. I often feature various Moleskine notebooks in this blog so it’s no surprise that I’m a huge fan of these luggage tags as well. Black is also a safe bet (and most closely resembles my favorite Moleskine journals), but I’m drawn to the Cerulean Blue as well. At $9.95 a piece, it’ll also be easy to stock up on a set of these as last minute gifts for any occasion.

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Twelve South: BookBook iPhone 4 Case


This may not fit into the back pocket, but I love this wallet/iphone case from Twelve South, a designer of accessories for Apple products. I’ve been a fan of their BookBooks for the Macbook Air (here) and the Macbook Pro (here) for quite some time so this new introduction for the iPhone 4 seems like a natural thing I would want (and I do! A lot!). The case opens up to reveal an ID window and a few credit card slots on one side. The other side nestles your iPhone. I wonder if having one of these will make me look smarter instantly, kind of like wearing glasses. If you know any literary types, this would also make a thoughtful gift. And if you really like this person, you could even kick the gifting up a notch by including other reading-themed knick knacks – endless possibilities!

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Gift for Her: Sarah Frances Kuhn Camera Strap



Sarah Frances Kuhn (aka SFK) is relatively new to the scene, but I hope her chic camera straps are gonna stay for a long, long time. The instant I saw the straps, I thought of the iconic quilted Chanel bags (which would also make a great gift for her, if you have the extra funds – a lot of extra funds). The brand offers a variety of straps for different camera sizes from point & shoots to DSLRs, but my favorite is the Classic (pictured above). Best suited for small cameras, this particular strap features 36″ of gold chain woven with a 44″ single black leather cord.

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Woouf Beanbags


I don’t really know what to say here except that these bean bags from Barcelona-based company, Woouf, made me laugh out loud. If I were a guy, I hope there would be a room in my house that I could decorate to my heart’s content. A man cave of sorts. It would be fun to throw a few of these fun seating options in for when my friends come over to play video games or watch sports. Made of ultra-resistant polyester and EPS-beans/high-density foam, prices range based on size but are still relatively affordable. Heck, I might even buy a few of the cuter suitcase themed ones for my special lady. She can have her own room to decorate too. Visit the site (link below) to see more designs or place special orders!

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Boo: The Life of the World’s Cutest Dog


If your girlfriend’s dog doesn’t already have the adorable Boo cut, it will after she reads this book. With over 1.2M Facebook fans (that’s more than Edward Cullen of Twilight and Tom Cruise!), Boo is possibly the most famous dog in the world. Later this summer, one of my favorite publishers ever, Chronicle Books, is coming out with a new book about Boo’s life. Featuring exclusive new photographs of Boo doing all of his favorite things, this will be a great thinking-of-you gift for any regular day or part of a great gift for any special occassion. Best part is that if you preorder the book now, you can get 25% and free shipping (link below)!

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Truman: Handcrafted Leather Goods


I found about Truman from a reader who wrote to tell me that this was his friend’s brand. It can be hard when people give recommendations because for the sake of staying true to the intent of this blog, I sometimes have to reject perfectly good things that do not fit into my personal “if i were a guy” style. In this case, luckily, I absolutely loved it! Featured above is one of my favorite pieces from Truman, the iPad Portfolio in Chestnut. I love how smooth the leather looks when it’s brand new but also know that this is the type of product that will look even cooler with some age. The button stud closure and the tuck-and-go straps are both great features that give this portfolio a modern, no-fuss appeal. 100% handmade from start to finish, this would also make a great gift for the person who loves a little bit of luxury and a lot of quality.

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Gift for Her: Givenchy Wallet


If the wallet just had that gold exterior trim, I would totally be able to rock it as a guy. However, the bright metallic interior is a bit much for me personally. So what would I do if I came across something that I liked but did not have the boldness to own? I would give it to my girlfriend! The bi-fold wallet is made from premium cowhide leather and feature embossed Givenchy logos on both the exterior and interior of the wallet. A bit difficult to tell from the photo above, but the interior actually contains a flap that will flip up to reveal more credit card slots on the back and a clear ID holder.

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Gift for Her: The Together Bag


Is your girl used to the finer things in life? Want to make her happy without going into debt? See above! The ladies from Thursday Friday has the perfect solution for you in the form of their Together Bag. It’s an all-purpose tote bag with a painted image of the iconic and otherwise unattainable Birkin bag on all sides of the bag, including the bottom. Completely adorable, clever, and charming. Best part is that it will only cost you $35 plus tax/shipping. The draw back is that you can’t expect to get it right away; the popularity of the bag has caused back orders in every color so earliest shipping will be in March. But hey, it can’t be any longer than the actual Birkin wait list that your girl is on currently.

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