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Magazine Cover Pillowcases


Wanna be Time Magazine’s Man of the Year? You got it. Made out of 55% cotton and 45% polyester, these are probably not the most comfortable pillowcases to sleep on, but comfort is probably not the reason to be buying these in the first place. A total of 4 magazines are available: Time, Vogue, Esquire, and Playboy. I would personally prefer the Esquire and Vogue set. Check them out (and buy them) here.

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Current Obsession: Monograms


I’m a bit obsessed with monogramming at the moment. Tasteful monogramming, that is. Unfortunately, this act of labeling what’s yours is often abused as a pretentious display of wealth, but if kept discreet, it can be quite cool and classy. For button-ups, I prefer the initials to be below the shirt pocket or on the tail of the shirt. For sweaters/cardigans, the spot of choice for  me would be again on the bottom where the waistband is. To prevent gaudiness, the thread should be matched closely to the color of the piece that is being monogrammed. Most retailers of fine menswear offers a monogramming service, but for those of us not buying custom fit shirts, J.Crew also has its own Monogram Shop (pictured above). For $10 extra, they will pretty much monogram anything in their men’s store (jackets, shorts, everything – even boxers). Please ignore the bright orange initials paired with the neutral gray/blue tie. It’s breaking the rule of subtlety, and as I’ve already said previously, I don’t want to be that guy.

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Twelve South: BookBook iPhone 4 Case


This may not fit into the back pocket, but I love this wallet/iphone case from Twelve South, a designer of accessories for Apple products. I’ve been a fan of their BookBooks for the Macbook Air (here) and the Macbook Pro (here) for quite some time so this new introduction for the iPhone 4 seems like a natural thing I would want (and I do! A lot!). The case opens up to reveal an ID window and a few credit card slots on one side. The other side nestles your iPhone. I wonder if having one of these will make me look smarter instantly, kind of like wearing glasses. If you know any literary types, this would also make a thoughtful gift. And if you really like this person, you could even kick the gifting up a notch by including other reading-themed knick knacks – endless possibilities!

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Moleskine: Limited Edition Star Wars Pocket Diaries


As if Moleskine wasn’t already my notebook of choice, they are now introducing a limited collection of Star Wars themed pocket diaries. If I were a guy, I think I would be pretty excited. Okay, could be a bit geeky too, but only if you make it so!  Available for pre-order here and here on Amazon.

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Woouf Beanbags


I don’t really know what to say here except that these bean bags from Barcelona-based company, Woouf, made me laugh out loud. If I were a guy, I hope there would be a room in my house that I could decorate to my heart’s content. A man cave of sorts. It would be fun to throw a few of these fun seating options in for when my friends come over to play video games or watch sports. Made of ultra-resistant polyester and EPS-beans/high-density foam, prices range based on size but are still relatively affordable. Heck, I might even buy a few of the cuter suitcase themed ones for my special lady. She can have her own room to decorate too. Visit the site (link below) to see more designs or place special orders!

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GymyGym: Bungee Exercise Chair


Does your job require you to sit at your desk for hours on end? Mine does. My back is usually in all kinds of pain after a long work week – and that’s from sitting in a fancy Herman Miller chair all day long! Besides bad posture, I think the main reason I feel like my body’s breaking down is because I rarely get to hit the gym. For people like me, GymyGym has created a series of chairs that focuses on both ergonomics and workouts. The flat bungee seating system contours itself to the shape of the body to provide personalized support and helps you sit with the correct posture throughout the day. In addition, there are 4 customizable exercise stations integrated discreetly into the body of each chair which allows you to tone all the major muscle groups, all while seated at your desk! In my opinion, the best workout will probably still happen at the gym, but if you don’t always have that luxury, this is a pretty decent (and good looking) solution.

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Ben Barry: Mark Zuckerberg’s Stationary


Letter writing is a lost art form that needs to be brought back ASAP! A short note sent to someone’s mailbox can cheer them up in a big way, especially if they usually get bills, bills, and only bills. I think guys generally have a harder time finding stationary that is they can feel comfortable sending.  Most guys I know will either resort to notebook paper or purchase the plainest stationary pack available at Target. However, I think a better solution would be to look into ordering personalized stationary. Check out what Mark Zuckerberg (yes, the Mark Zuckerberg) pens his letters on. Designed by Ben Barry, who actually works for Facebook, this set of stationary features a hand embossed seal, clear foil stamp on the back of the letterhead/envelope lining, and a nifty sticker to seal the deal. It’s personal and masculine – almost a bit presidential. I love it! Good news is that while Mr. Barry might hold a full-time job at the Social Network, chances are that he will probably be willing to work on a side project for those who ask earnestly (and pay the right price, of course). Check out some of his other amazing works on his website (link below).

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VW Camper Van Tent


Imagine showing up to the campsite with this tent. I bet you’ll get a lot of campers coming by for some small talk (so don’t get this if you don’t like being social). Officially licensed, this full-sized replica of the classic 1965 VW Camper Van holds up to 4 people. It’s tall enough for adults to stand up in and features 2 separate double-size rooms. It doesn’t get cooler than this. The tent comes in red, yellow, or blue (shown above) and can be pre-ordered here for ~$480.

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I was sick all last week, first with a feverish case of laryngitis, then a violent case of the stomach flu. Needless to say, I was in bed quite a lot. My current sleeping situation at home is alright. The mattress is pretty decent, but the comforter doesn’t exactly turn into the marshmallow cocoon that I long for when I’m sick. Lying in my bed, it took me more than a week to finally feel better. But look! If I had this Book Bed by Yusuke Suzuki, I think I might have recovered faster. It looks so comfortable plus I somehow feel like the dreams will be more pleasant (as opposed to those nightmarish ones that Nyquil tend to give me). The current bed is made for a child, but hopefully there will be enough demand for an adult version to be made.

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Dinosaur Plants


Adding a bit of personality to the otherwise drab work environment is a great way to liven up Mondays – Fridays, but it can be a bit hard for guys to introduce plants to their personal work space without it being a bit too cutesy. These colorful dinosaurs will help manly it up! Each dino is made from a repurposed plastic toy and comes with planted with a succulent plant on its back. Just water every 2 weeks – I would set the watering schedule to pay day for an easy reminder – and make sure it gets enough natural light.

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