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Moleskine: Luggage Tags


Teaming up with Industrial Designer, Giulio Iacchetti, Moleskine has created a series of 4 luggage tags feature the signature style of their famed notebooks: elastic band, rounded corners, hard covers, and simplicity in design. I often feature various Moleskine notebooks in this blog so it’s no surprise that I’m a huge fan of these luggage tags as well. Black is also a safe bet (and most closely resembles my favorite Moleskine journals), but I’m drawn to the Cerulean Blue as well. At $9.95 a piece, it’ll also be easy to stock up on a set of these as last minute gifts for any occasion.

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Gift for Him: Burberry F/W 2011 Scarfs



In terms of winter accessories, it doesn’t get more classic than a cashmere Burberry scarf. Great for boyfriends, fathers, brothers, and pretty much any and every guy in your life. I particularly love the collection for F/W 2011 because it features not only the traditional, easily identifiable Burberry plaid, but a few bolder, more rustic patterns as well. Pairs great with a variety of looks both dressy and down to earth. I would just stay away from wearing it with a Burberry trench coat. That might be the way they are displayed in the store windows, but feels a bit too matchy-matchy to me.

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Gift for Him: Loro Piana Cashmere Slippers


Christmas seems to come earlier every year! I usually try to find one or two guaranteed winners for the men in my life, and these cashmere slippers from Loro Piana are making the list this holiday. Easy to pack for travel and stylish enough for the modern man, these also feature an anti-slip suede sole. Every guy needs a bit of luxury on the road, no?

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Twelve South: BookBook iPhone 4 Case


This may not fit into the back pocket, but I love this wallet/iphone case from Twelve South, a designer of accessories for Apple products. I’ve been a fan of their BookBooks for the Macbook Air (here) and the Macbook Pro (here) for quite some time so this new introduction for the iPhone 4 seems like a natural thing I would want (and I do! A lot!). The case opens up to reveal an ID window and a few credit card slots on one side. The other side nestles your iPhone. I wonder if having one of these will make me look smarter instantly, kind of like wearing glasses. If you know any literary types, this would also make a thoughtful gift. And if you really like this person, you could even kick the gifting up a notch by including other reading-themed knick knacks – endless possibilities!

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Moleskine: Limited Edition Star Wars Pocket Diaries


As if Moleskine wasn’t already my notebook of choice, they are now introducing a limited collection of Star Wars themed pocket diaries. If I were a guy, I think I would be pretty excited. Okay, could be a bit geeky too, but only if you make it so!  Available for pre-order here and here on Amazon.

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Whipping Posts: Picker’s Wallet


I know quite a few gentlemen (and ladies too) who are extremely gifted guitarists, and I’m guessing you might too. Everyone knows at least one seriously good guitar player, no? Heck, if I were a guy, I just may be a pretty good guitar player myself! After all, there’s no better motivation to practice at plucking those strings than the desire to serenade a special lady with a song! These wallets from Whipping Posts are for those who will not let their beloved instrument leave their side. Featuring 100% full grain leather, these wallets feature not only a safe spot to keep your guitar pick but 3 credit card slots, a driver’s license compartment, and a cash compartment as well. Currently available in Mojave or Sweet Georgia Brown.

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Father’s Day Gift Idea: Abbeyhorn Shoehorns


My dad is someone I have a really hard time shopping for. He doesn’t have any standout hobbies (e.g. golf, fishing, poker) that I can just default to no matter the occasion, but he is quite the gentleman and loves nice things. I was really thrilled when I came across these Abbeyhorn shoehorns on Mr. Porter. True objects of beauty, these shoehorns will make a fantastic Father’s Day gift. Hand crafted in England since the 1700s, it requires considerable skill from the craftsman to take the rough/dull cattle horn in its original form to the smooth and glossy finish of a polished and sanded horn–the stage at which the true colors of the horn will appear. Due to the unique qualities of each horn, no two horns will ever be alike in color pattern, shade, or texture. Horns are also sourced ethically from renewable resources, often recycling a ’waste’ product from the meat industry and as a result preventing it from ending up in landfill. The two items featured above are $35 and $80, respectively (find them here and here). The long handled shoe horns are good for those who prefer not to do too much bending while putting on their shoes (this is the option I would choose for my dad).  And while shoehorns are the true gentleman’s accessory, any guy who owns a decent pair of dress shoes should own one. So go ahead and feel free to get one for yourself – you’ll probably save on the shipping too.

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Truman: Handcrafted Leather Goods


I found about Truman from a reader who wrote to tell me that this was his friend’s brand. It can be hard when people give recommendations because for the sake of staying true to the intent of this blog, I sometimes have to reject perfectly good things that do not fit into my personal “if i were a guy” style. In this case, luckily, I absolutely loved it! Featured above is one of my favorite pieces from Truman, the iPad Portfolio in Chestnut. I love how smooth the leather looks when it’s brand new but also know that this is the type of product that will look even cooler with some age. The button stud closure and the tuck-and-go straps are both great features that give this portfolio a modern, no-fuss appeal. 100% handmade from start to finish, this would also make a great gift for the person who loves a little bit of luxury and a lot of quality.

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Awhile back, I posted about my love affair with Bonobos dress pants (see post here), and now you can try it out yourself for half the price! But don’t stop there because the Bonobos site offers so much more! Besides their own brands, the site also sells some of my favorite designer labels and many of the items that I’ve featured on my website in the past (like the Penfield Dover Jacket, the Penfield Dunstone Pullover, and the Sebago Field Boot – just to name a few). It’s a pity that the deal is only limited to 1 per customer because I would have a really hard time deciding how to spend it. Free shipping and hassle-free returns are included as part of the site’s regular perks. Offer is good until the end of April – so don’t wait!

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FireWire: Flexible Grilling Skewer


I simply live for summertime bar-b-ques with friends and family. I imagine I’d be quite a spectacular griller as a guy.  Burgers are my favorite, of course, but kabobs come in a close second. The problem is that the assembly of legitimate skewers tend to take more effort, but I may be more willing if I owned a couple of these FireWires. Made of 100% stainless steel cable, you can bend it so the space on the grill is maximized. You can pre-load the meat/veggies on the wire, throw it in a bag to marinade, and then easily transport it to the beach, the park, or wherever you may be grilling. While cooking, the tip is draped over the grill so it remains cool to the touch – requiring no tools to turn or remove the wire. Due to the flexibility of the wire, it is also much easier to turn the meat, allowing more even cooking. Definitely would want to add these to my grilling tools (or gift them to friends) before the summer starts.

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