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Awhile back, I posted about my love affair with Bonobos dress pants (see post here), and now you can try it out yourself for half the price! But don’t stop there because the Bonobos site offers so much more! Besides their own brands, the site also sells some of my favorite designer labels and many of the items that I’ve featured on my website in the past (like the Penfield Dover Jacket, the Penfield Dunstone Pullover, and the Sebago Field Boot – just to name a few). It’s a pity that the deal is only limited to 1 per customer because I would have a really hard time deciding how to spend it. Free shipping and hassle-free returns are included as part of the site’s regular perks. Offer is good until the end of April – so don’t wait!

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aNYthing: S/S 2011


White t-shirts are absolute basics must haves: they can be paired with jeans for that staple casual look, which has withstood the test of time, and when you tire of them, they easily translate into an undershirt for layering all seasons. Oh, and when they get really worn down, you can wear them as sleep shirts – super comfortable! See? A guy really can’t have enough white tees, and if the perfect one comes along, you shouldn’t say no. This t-shirt from aNYthing’s S/S 2011 line, while not a blank canvas, is one I would definitely yes to. The “pocket aces” detail add a bit of playfulness, but is small enough to just highlight not overwhelm, making it still a great option of those days when I just want that clean look of a plain white tee.

via aNYthing

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Comme des Garcons PLAY: Cardigan


I am and have been a huge fan this cardigan ever since I laid eyes on it a few seasons ago. Slim-fitted, adaptable, and simple in the way that long-lasting pieces tend to be, I can’t think of another cardigan that would be more perfect for daily wear and layering. And of course, there is the playful heart that will hopefully speak volumes to who I would be as a guy: style-conscious but someone who doesn’t take myself too seriously.

via roden gray.

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Thom Browne: Flannel Shirts


The button-up flannel would be equivalent to the Basic T in cooler weather for me. They situate themselves nicely underneath a plethora of other layer essentials. I like the clean and crispness of these new flannels by Thom Browne (love his grey suits as well). Nice fit & tailoring is important with button-ups, but that has never been a problem for anything from Thom Browne.

via STREEThing

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Nike: Air Pegasus ’83


I’m absolutely in love with these shoes. Featuring a retro silhouette,  these would be kept right by the door to be thrown on at a moment’s notice. The mint green and gray color combo bridges the vintage/modern feel perfectly. Also goes equally well with many looks from casual Sundays to channeling Joseph Gordon-Levitt (a la 500 Days of Summer) on first dates.

via Nice Kicks.


Barbour: Lambswool Scarf


I would be a scarf guy, no doubt. I guess this would mean that I’d have to live in a place that cools down in the appropriate seasons. And of course, if my girlfriend was cold, I would take the scarf off my neck and let her wear it.

via Definitive Touch.

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Wings + Horns: F/W 2010


Season after season, I fall deeper and deeper in love with Wings  + Horns. Their simplistic modern looks and their preference for neutral color ways means that these pieces will be in heavy rotation. The superior quality of the clothing also guarantees that these purchases will be loyal to you for years to come. One of my favorites from this season is this down parka. LOVE the color choice and the slimmer cut – no poofy marshmallows found here.

via Roden Gray.

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Converse: Jack Purcell Brogue Leather


A pair of white sneakers can go many places. I’d dirty these up to add a bit of character.

via Street Thing.