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Dinosaur Plants


Adding a bit of personality to the otherwise drab work environment is a great way to liven up Mondays – Fridays, but it can be a bit hard for guys to introduce plants to their personal work space without it being a bit too cutesy. These colorful dinosaurs will help manly it up! Each dino is made from a repurposed plastic toy and comes with planted with a succulent plant on its back. Just water every 2 weeks – I would set the watering schedule to pay day for an easy reminder – and make sure it gets enough natural light.

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iPhone Telephoto Lens


In the past year, I’ve been taking pictures almost exclusively with my iPhone. Sometimes the camera app loads a bit slow and my 3Gs lacks the flash feature, but for the most part, I prefer it over my point and shoot camera (except when I want to get up close and personal). Now, the iPhone telephoto lens (pictured above) has pretty much put an end to me ever needing to use my Canon again. It zooms at 8x the power of the regular lens – enough for me to get right in the middle of all the action and then some. Click here to compare real life examples of pictures taken with/without the lens. Pretty nifty.

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Hot Wheels: Video Racer


Wow, seriously? Not only have Hot Wheels started looking a lot more cool and futuristic, Mattel will soon offer a version with its own video recorder (located in the nose of the car). The bottom of each car contains a .95-inch LCD screen for instant playback, and the pack comes with an USB cord and bonus software for easy uploading/editing. Mattel also throws in a protective case and velcro straps so recordings are not just limited to the race tracks. Only about 12 minutes of recording time is available, but with enough creativity, some pretty cool footage can result.

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JOYSTICK-IT: iPad Arcade Stick


One of my favorite documentaries of all time is called The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters. It’s about Donkey Kong and a man named Steve Wiebe’s attempt to beat out long time world record holder, Billy Mitchell, for the highest score. If you like documentaries, arcade games, and/or very quirky people, I recommend this as a must see. Afterwards, if you feel as inspired as I did to test out my own gaming skills after seeing the film, ThinkGeek has introduced an easier way to do just that. The JOYSTICK-IT works with the iPad (and other touchscreen devices) and gives more gaming precision for thousands of different games. All you need to do is to suction cup the device over the screen’s control pad and voila! The joystick is made of solid mill-aluminum construction and will work with any capacitative touchscreen device, not just the iPad.

Watch a video of how it works here. Seriously cool.

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Robot Headphone Splitter


Headphone splitters allow two people to enjoy music from the same device by connecting 2 headphones to the same jack. These robot ones combine both fun and function. To use, just plug the headphones into the eyes of the robot (the head detaches from the robot’s body so that his “neck” can be plugged into the music device). It’s actually not as inhumane as it sounds, I promise! The key chain attachment makes it easy to take him everywhere so that music can be shared at a moment’s notice.

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Angry Birds: Plush Toys


It’s official. I love Angry Birds. My iPhone screen is covered with smudges from the non-stop swiping of my fingers, and now there’s a new way to show off my gaming obsession. Guys aren’t supposed to want teddy bears and other stuffed animals, I suppose, but this is a “cool” plush that I think will be acceptable as a toy for my office desk. The whole range of characters from the red bird to the king pig are available on the Angry Birds website (see link below). Quantities are very limited so I would order them ASAP.

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USB Typewriter for iPad


I’m in love with vintage typewriters, their sound, and the image of great works being composed stroke by stroke. The folks from USBTypewriter on etsy (link below) have updated these nearly obsolete items as a fully function keyboard for you iPad. The iPad will actually move across the platen as you type! To see a video demo, go here. For those iPad-less folks, this item works on personal computers and on paper as well. Not as cool as being able to attach it to an iPad, but still doable.

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Lego: Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4


This is the Lego version of a car to die for with loads of detail, even down to the rims. The car can be build into a coupe or spyder version. A car lover’s dream for only $60. I don’t need to say anymore, do I?

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Takeaway Puzzles


With the rainy winter seasons upon us here in the bay, I find it harder and harder to motivate myself to go out. During these months, finding entertainment at home is essential. Of course, there is the TV, but wouldn’t it be more fun to sit by the fireplace and work on a jigsaw puzzle with the girlfriend? I usually have a hard time finding puzzles that doesn’t contain Disney characters or Norman Rockwell paintings. These fun puzzles solve this problem. Featuring foods to go, the 400 pieces will prove harder than you may expect, providing hours of fun.

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Presso: Hand-Pressed Espresso Maker


Truly a thing of beauty. Requiring no electricity, I can now make my own espresso on camping trips using only my own strength and some boiling water. In college, I spent a couple of years working at Starbucks, and one of the major things I learned there was that the pull should be between 18-23 seconds (something like that). I got that almost every time because the Starbucks machine was automatic. It would be fun experimenting with this espresso maker to perfect the pull manually – may require some patience though. Oh! And the part I love most is the milk frother that comes with it (manual, of course). Sounds like a bit of work, but out in the woods, a hand-made latte would be pretty rewarding to drink.

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