Pendleton + Vans Vault + Taka Hayashi: Sk8-Hi and Slip-On


My heart has literally expanded to double its original size, so much is my love for these shoes. Simply beautiful pieces of work with the contrast stitching, smooth brown leather, and of course, my beloved Pendleton wool. They are currently on sale at Bows & Arrows, although at last check, the hi-tops were sold out. Do not despair, however, here is a list of other Vans Vault retailers where you may be able to find a pair.

via hypebeast

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  1. 13/12/2010Buy it Here | if i were a guy say:

    [...] couple of weeks ago, I wished upon the Pendleton + Vans Vault + Taka Hayashi shoes. If you weren’t able to pick up a pair at Bows & Arrows, you can try your luck at [...]

  2. 24/11/2011shoebuff say:

    well it seems anything vans do can be a hit! if they done this 10 years ago would it have been laughed at!

  3. 18/06/2013Nike Nomo say:

    Such kind of offer is mainly utilized by the students because under such offer many provider may also provide some free gifts as well

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